Tips, Tricks, and Musings About Quilting and Stitching

When I’m teaching, I like to share little tidbits of information I’ve acquired along the way, my favorite tricks and tips, and I thought a blog might be a fun way to corral them all for easy access.

Please feel free to respond with questions or comments, or share your improvements on these techniques, and we’ll see together how this blog plays out!

Bug-eyed for Quilting Arts!

I was so excited to hear from Quilting Arts several months ago about their Fall 2021 edition, which was focusing on Nature. My buggy quilts would fit into that theme perfectly! So I wrote the article, shipped my quilts to them, and waited for the print copy to come out. They even interviewed me for…

Piecing Binding Strips with a 45° Angle

There are all sorts of tutorials about how to piece strips together to make quilt binding. I’ve found that this is the most reliable method for me to piece the fabric. Why bother piecing on an angle instead of straight across? Well, once the strip has been folded in half, stitched down, then wrapped around…

Grandma’s Knot

Tying a knot in the end of a length of thread for hand stitching should be pretty straightforward and simple, but I know a lot of people who struggle with it.  When my Grandma Fricke was teaching me to sew, I remember her rubbing her fingers together with the thread in between, and VOILA! the…

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